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Three Common knowledge for BGA Rework Stations

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1. When we need a BGA Rework Station?

Defects are caused by many reasons during SMD soldering , such as empty soldering, short circuit, soldering bridge and so on, and after these happen, we need some tools to repair them. For common SMD, resistor, capacitor, SOIC, SOJ, PLCC, the repair process is easy, so a hot air gun or an iron sodering station can do. But for some small and expensive ics, such as BGA, CSP, QFPchips, they are complicated package and expensive , to improve the rework efficiency and reduce damage , a  BGA rework station become a must tools.

2 How to select a suitable BGA rework station?

Main differences of BGA rework stations are heat source and heat mode. Take example only upper heat or upper and lower both heating,  some can set temperature curve. Considering protecting components,  the upper and lower both heating system are better. To prevent PCB warping during repairing, preheat function in the rework system is better. PCB fix, BGA position and others are important consideration.

3  Five steps for using a BGA rework station to do BGA rework

1) BGA disassemble

Remove BGA chip with rework system and clean solder residue on PCB with solder iron to make solder pad flat. Clean and remove flux residue with special cleaner.

2) BGA dry

Please check all BGA chips dry or damp.  Put damp BGA components into dry box to dry.

3) Print solder paste

Print solder paste on disassemble location before soldering BGA.  Small and special BGA stencil is necessary because there are other components on the board. Thickness and size of stencils are decided by BGA ball diameter and distance.

4) Mount BGA chips

Set rework program and put dry BGA into preparation location; rework system will take it automatically and then place it into soldering location.

5) Soldering process

Set tempeature profile according BGA size, PCB thickness and others,  then BGA rework station will finish the soldering process.