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How To Solder One BGA Chip onto A Motherboard?

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For a new starter, desoldering a bga chip from a BGA rework station is much more easier.
But how to solder a BGA chip back to a motherboard maybe a complicated process for them.

In this article, we will share some of information on it.
First aligning BGA chip perfect is the first step for a successful soldering.
Where should we put the chip?

Actually some chips just sit on the silk screen, and some chips sit inside the screen.

Before we do desoldering, we should observe first, it will be much easy, if sit on, we can not see the silk sreen on mainboard. If inside, we can see it clearly.

Below is the one just sit inside the silk sreen.

Second, selecting a right temperature profile for heating is crucial.

(Generally speaking, BGA chips are big size and thick, they need much more thermal to get the solder balls melting in a limited time. So we need to select a specific BGA rework station. If A soldering iron gun or a hot air gun will not enough for a big size BGA chip, they can not produce enough thermal in a short time) 

The right ones even and in the center, so much better.