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BGA Rework Station Common Knowledge

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BGA Rework Stations are widely used as below fields:

1. Desoldering or soldering BGA chips, they widedly used in factory, 

   cell phones ,notebook, computer, game console and so on.

2. When a BGA rework station is needed?

   After a technician tested the mainboards by multimeter or other 

testing tools and found there is a chip not working, then a BGA rework

Station or a soldering station will be needed to replace the non-working

one with a new one.

Technical Terms with BGA rework stations:

BGA: Ball Grid Array 

Popcorn: Moisture (inside the mainboards or SMD components)temperature 

ramp up too fast in a very short time diring rework process, the moisture

expand and caused the crack. We call this Popcorn.

BGA Reflow: Select the suitable heating temperature profile on BGA rework station to make the 

BGA solder balls melt and then remove the the non-working chip.

BGA reballing: Select the suitable heating temperature profile on BGA 

rework station to make the bga solder balls to be soldered onto the BGA Chip 


Leaded solder ball melting point: 183 degrees  

Lead free solder ball melting point: 217 degrees

CCD: Charge Coupled Device for obseving the soldering and desoldering 


IR: Infrared Technology

HR:Hot Air Technology

Nepcon: :National Electronic Package and Production Conference. The most 

Professional show for tools and SMT products.